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These two images show a unique and personal memory of that special day, be it a birthday, anniversary, party, wedding, corporate group and any other special occasion. All the guests put their mark on the canvas which is a personal and emotional memento of that day for the recipient and it will give them great pleasure for years to come as, not only is it commemorating a special event it is also a painting of the landscape which is an integral part of the place and the whole experience.

While all the other reminders of the happy day, be it wedding or party, are confined to drawers and cupboards, the painting is on the wall at all times as a daily reminder of the occasion when friends and family all came together to express their joy and happiness at being able to share in the wedding or party knowing that their mark will outlive them. This is particularly emotional if some of the marks are put on by elderly relations or friends.

The top photograph shows the bride putting the final touches to the painting at the Creggans Inn, Argyll, while the one underneath shows the process developing at a wedding at the Lodge on Loch Lomond. (the top photograph was taken by Derek Prescott ARPS, Photographer - The bottom photograph shows the Bride & Groom putting the final marks at their wedding at Carnesll Estate.

The beauty of this experience is that no previous art skill is required as the session is carefully controlled by Don & Jean who guide each quest as to what colour, what mark is required, where it has to go and what the mark will describe.

The theme or subject matter relates to the individual's interests, favourite holiday place, or where the event is taking place - hotel,estate etc. - resulting in each painting being completely different.

The actual painting process happens after the Ceremony and before the Reception - the boring period when official photographs are happening and the guests are standing around with glass in hand making idle conversation. This event becomes an interesting focus as guests return again and again to see how the picture is developing. The process is usually started with the grandparents, then parents, then guests and, finally, the last two marks by the Bride and groom. If it's a bithday then the last mark is done by the 'birthday' person and so on. The painting is then presented to the appropriate person or persons.

The cost is £150 - £600 depending on the size of the group.

The Final marks are being put on by the groom while the Bride looks on.


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